Curriculum Vitae
Hsiao-Wen Chen
  Address Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics
    University of Chicago
    5640 S. Ellis Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60637
    (773) 702-8747
    hchen (at) oddjob dot uchicago dot edu
  Citizenship U.S.A.
    Ph.D. Astronomy, State University of New York at Stony Brook (1999)
    M.S. Physics, National Taiwan University (1994)
    B.S. Physics, National Taiwan University (1992)
    Professor, the University of Chicago (2017-present)
    Associate Professor, the University of Chicago (2012-2017)
    Assistant Professor, the University of Chicago (2005-2012)
    Member of ASIAA Advisory Panel (2014-2016)
    Member of the Space Telescope Users Committee (2014-2017)
    Member of the GMT Science Advisory Committee (2010-2015)
    Member of AURA Observatory Council (2010-2013)
    AURA representative for the University of Chicago (2006-2015)
    Senior Member, Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics (2007-present)
    Hubble Fellow, MIT (2002-2005)
    Postdoctoral Research Associate, Carnegie Observatories (1999-2002)
    Research Assistant, SUNY at Stony Brook (1996-1999)
    Research Assistant, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1996)
    Teaching Assistant, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1995-1996)
    Teaching Assistant, SUNY at Stony Brook (1995)
    Halo Occupation of Dark Baryons using QSO Absorption-Line Systems
    Gamma-ray Burst Afterglows as Cosmic Probes
    Las Campanas Infrared Survey of Distant Red Galaxies
    Gemini Deep Deep Survey of Distant Red Galaxies
    HST Cycle 25 Grant, COS Ultraviolet Baryon Survey (CUBS)
    HST Cycle 25 Grant, Resolving the Multiphase ISM of an Elliptical Galaxy at z~0.4
    NSF Extragalactic Research Grant, A Multi-Sightline Investigation of the Complex Circumgalactic Mediume (2017-2020)
    The University of Chicago Women's Board Grant, Building An Image Slicer to Reveal the Invisible Cosmos (2017-2019)
    HST Cycle 24 Grant, Resolving Fe-rich Neutral ISM in a Massive Quiescent Galaxy at z~0.4
    HST Cycle 24 Grant, Differentiating Gas Infall and Outflows with Resolved Star Formation Morphology
    HST Cycle 23 Grant, Characterizing Circumgalactic Gas around Passive Galaxies
    HST Cycle 20 Grant, A Public Snapshot Survey of Galaxies Associated with O VI and Ne VIII Absorbers
    HST Cycle 17 Director's Discretionary Time, Unveiling the Dusty Starburst Galaxy Hosting GRB080607
    HST Cycle 17 EPO Grant, Meteorology in Virgo: A 3D HD Video of the Structure & Dynamics of the Virgo Cluster
    HST Cycle 17 Grant, The Structure and Dynamics of Virgo's Intracluster Medium
    HST Cycle 17 Grant, A WFC3 Grism Snapshot Survey for Lyman Limit Absorption at z = 2
    NSF Extragalactic Research Grant, Gamma-ray Burst Afterglows as a New Probe of the Young Universe (2006-2009)
    HST Cycle 15 EPO Grant, Core Sampling the Universe---An Interactive High-Definition Video
    HST Cycle 15 Grant, An ACS Prism Snapshot Survey for z ~ 2 Lyman Limit Systems
    HST Cycle 15 Grant, Unveiling Starburst Morphology of Distant Damped Ly-alpha Galaxies Hosting Gamma-Ray Bursts
    NASA Long-Term Space Astrophysics (LTSA) Grant (2005-2008)
    Hubble Fellowship (2002-2005)
    Swift GO Cycle 2, Probing Interstellar and Intergalactic Media at z > 1: Tracing the Evolution of Dust and Gas in the Ancient Universe with Swift Bursts (2005)
    Swift GO Cycle 1, Probing Interstellar and Intergalactic Media at z > 1: Tracing the Evolution of Dust and Gas in the Ancient Universe with Swift Bursts (2004)
    HST GO Cycle 11, ACS Grism Parallel Survey of Emission-line Galaxies at z < 7 (2002)
    FUSE GO Cycle 2, Physical Properties of a z << 1 Lyman Limit System (2000)
    American Astronomical Society Small Research Grant (2000)
    Lee Wilcox Prize for outstanding thesis in experimental physics (2000)
    Astronomical Society of New York Graduate Student Research Prize (2000)
    Peter B. Kahn Fellowship (1999)
    Dr. Sean Johnson, U. Chicago PhD 2016, Hubble, Princeton-Carnegie fellow (2016-- )
    Dr. Jean-Rene Gauthier, U. Chicago PhD 2011, Caltech Millikan fellow (2011 - 2014), Senior Data Scientist at DataScience, Inc. (2015--present)
    Dr. Yuko Kakazu (2011 - 2012)
    Dr. Christopher Thom (2006-2009), research associate at STScI (2009 - 2012)
    Mr. Fakhri Zahedy, U. Chicago PhD candidate
    Mr. Jia (Cameron) Liang (2012-2016), U. Chicago PhD candidate
    Ms. Yun-Hsin Huang (2013-2015), U. Chicago master student
    Dr. Jennifer Helsby (2008-2009), summer REU student/full time research assistant, U. Chicago PhD 2015
    Ms. Lindsey Pollack (2006-2008), UCSC master student
    Ms. Rebecca Pierce (2015-2017), Research Assistant
    Ms. Analis Lawrence (2017), summer REU student
    Mr. Taweewat (Champ) Somboonpanyakul (2014-2015), undergraduate senior thesis, U. Chicago class of 2015
    Ms. Saki Kamon (2015), summer REU student
    Mr. Gilberto Lopez (2010), summer REU student

Hsiao-Wen Chen (July 2015)